With talent you'll win the competion battle.

EMBARK uses state-off-the art Assessment tools.

Effective methods for identifying potential play a vital part in all good talent management processes. Whether you want to discover the untapped talent in your workforce, plan initiatives to accelerate the development of your people or explore potential when selecting candidates, we can come up with a solution for our clients.

Our potential assessment exercises are efficient and easy to complete, combining accurate results with clear reporting.



The briefing serves to get to know you and your company. During this interview, the expected profile (in terms of skills, attitudes and potential) as well as the organization, values ​​and culture of your company are discussed.


Our experience with sales, marketing and management functions ensures that our job descriptions are always unique and relevant. Our advertisements are not only published on our site and our LinkedIn page, but also on an extensive network of general or specialized partners. We are also constantly looking for talents who are not actively looking for a new challenge.


Candidates not only have a CV, but also their own attitude, motivation, personality and life experience. In-depth interviews and specialized assessments provide a realistic picture of the competencies and personality of the candidates you meet.


Embark helps you make a definitive choice for an employee, but also assists you with the tasks that are part of the recruitment, such as determining the salary package or drawing up a plan for further training.