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"You cannot find entrepreneurs with vision by only scouring linkedin"

Mario Tondat, who previously gained experience at PA Consulting, has been running the Embark recruitment agency in Destelbergen since 2002. Embark specializes in executive search and also has an office in Dilbeek. Because it is sometimes claimed that technology also makes finding rare birds a lot easier than it used to be, he emphasizes that this still requires the "artisanal knowledge" of executive searchers.

"To provide an answer to the super-fast changes that will only increase as a result of the breakthrough of 3D printing, Internet of Things, self-driving cars and the participatory economy, companies now know they have to reinvent themselves" , says Mario Tondat. "To be able to identify the talent out there, they need experienced specialists more than ever."

Many large companies are trying to respond to the rapid changes by injecting the mentality of startups into their organizations. We can therefore speak of golden times for the manufacturers of table tennis tables and fruit baskets. After all, aren't those the typical ingredients that give startups the casual and creative atmosphere that gives their business success? "No", says Mario Tondat of Embark. “Those are no more than fun gimmicks. These things are certainly not enough to bring the talent that organizations need in order to cope with the changes. Despite all the differences, organizations always want only one thing: a nice profit to reward investors and shareholders, to give people work and to realize their growth plans. It is still the talent of the people who have to take care of this. "

Just as it is not enough to put a ping-pong table or a fruit basket in the company to be able to inject the start-up mentality, it is not enough for organizations to skim the social media or organize all kinds of network events to find their rare birds. According to Mario Tondat, this still requires experienced executive searchers who know precisely the requirements the ideal candidate must fit and who also know the people who are capable of dealing with the changing context.

According to Mario Tondat huge challenges are facing our society because everything is connected. “A hard landing of the Chinese economy can also have major consequences here, but that also applies to the refugee crisis, the Brexit and many other problems that scream at a macro level for leaders with vision. But also, with large and small companies and in numerous projects, managers who dare and can take the lead to support a team that can achieve results are needed. You cannot find leaders with a vision by scouring LinkedIn. You can find this in the network of experienced executive searchers. Recruiters such as Embark are real strategic business partners because we keep a finger on the pulse of trends and the talent market and because in a world that often does not look beyond the issues of the day, we know the leaders with vision every organization and team needs."


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